The Gamine

Your natural charm and playful spirit lowers defenses.

The Maiden....

Is your DOMINANT feminine archetype.

The Lover...

If not your second highest archetype is active, and ideally above 70 % on the archetypes assessment.

"I don't go by the rule book... I lead from the heart, not the head."
Diana, princess of wales

A snapshot of the Gamine

Patron Saint:

Josephine Baker

In Pop Culture:

Janet Jackson

On television:

Diane Chambers, Cheers

In film:

Holly Golightly,  Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Your Potential To Captivate

Whether it is your sweet countenance, screwball personality, or complete disregard for protocol, an eternal child resides deep within you and she is your secret weapon. Consider the idyllic qualities that we associate with children—openness, playfulness, spontaneity, and sometimes mischievous, winsome charm. Children lack the pretention and defenses that adults erect as armor over time. The  gamine manages to maintain her youthful charm in spite of the sobering nature of adulthood. While rarely as guileless  and naive as they seem, gamines  possess an air of eternal efferevesene, even as they mature into seasoned wise women. She lowers defenses, possibly with with humor, precociousness, or intrigue, and she elevates our moods, naturally drawing out the paternal aspects in a man’s personality.

Josephine Baker enchanted Paris with her uninhibited dancing, playful charm and cosmopolitan sophistication. Even as a Black woman who grew up in the times of “Jim Crow”, Baker was secure enough in her identity to turn cultural stereotypes on their head. She performed the wild “La Dance Savage” practically mocking Parisians and their preoccupations with African exoticism. Audrey Hepburn’s exciting mix of sophistication and girlishness made her an enduring style icon just as Janet Jackson’s whispery voice, infectious smile, and candid artistry have made her a pop icon for the ages.

When the dominant maiden archetype is developed, and your lover archetype is active, you display an unselfconscious sensuality and lightness that enthralls. Your receptive spirit, compassion, sensuality and depth separate you from the rest.

Your anti-seductive qualities....

The “gamine” woman is dominated by the  maiden psychological archetype and that presents a unique challenge.  “Maiden” women who remain in their “child phase”, may find themselves in a string of relationships with emotionally unavailable, dark and even abusive men. With the maiden as her dominant archetype, the gamine may be excessively compliant, sexually inhibited or feel stuck in a Peter-pan like existence—an extended adolescence. These women are also prone to persistent bouts of depression and codependent behavior. Both Janet Jackson and Audrey Hepburn privately battled depression.

Typically, physical or psychological loss will force the maiden woman to face herself and fully mature. She will have to recognize the cycles of transformation, something we explore in the Maiden Masterclass, in order to recognize her opportunities to evolve into the highest level of her archetype.  A mature maiden takes control of her destiny, commits to goals, and creates a solid identity for herself, rather than relying on the approval of others. Once this change occurs, the maiden can harness the full seductive potential of her dominant archetype. Mature maidens can be incredibly creative, sensual, spiritual and wise, all the while maintaining their captivating youthful intrigue.

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